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Are Women obligated in Kerias Hatorah?

Post Views: 110 Check out our Amazon Sefarim Shop * This article is an excerpt from the above book WhatsApp Telegram Facebook Twitter Sponsor an Article Are Women obligated in Kerias Hatorah:[1] Some Poskim[2] rule that women are obligated in hearing Kerias Hatorah.[3] Other Poskim[4], however, rule that women are

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Parshas Behalosecha-Summary, Torah Or, Likkutei Sichos, Video Shiurim; Halachos

Post Views: 570   Parshas Behalosecha-Summary of Parsha 1) The Menorah 2) The Karban Pesach in the desert: 3) Pesach Sheiyni Click Here Parshas Behalosecha-Parsha Bee Not Available Parshas Behalosecha-Parsha Insights Not Available Parshas Behalosecha-Mamar Likkutei Torah The story of the Slav Click Here Parshas Behalosecha-Selected Teachings from Likkutei Torah

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Hand positions according to Halacha and Kaballa

Post Views: 205 * This article is an excerpt from the above Sefer Shop Now *As an Amazon Associate I earn from  qualifying purchases. WhatsApp Facebook Twitter Telegram Sign up for Daily Distribution Sponsor an Episode DonateHand postures according to Torah: We find in Chazal various hand positions which are

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