May one perform Bikur Cholim on Shabbos?

May one perform Bikur Cholim on Shabbos:[1]

It is permitted to visit the sick on Shabbos.[2] Nevertheless [one is not to arrange to visit the sick specifically on Shabbos and is rather to arrange to visit him during the week as] it was with difficulty that the Sages allowed visiting the sick on Shabbos.[3] It is therefore improper to do like those who do not visit the sick throughout the week and visit him on Shabbos alone.[4] [If, however, one simply has no time to go during the week, and going on Shabbos will rejoice the ill person, then one is not to abstain from visiting him.[5]]

How to pray for the sick on Shabbos:[6] When visiting a sick person on Shabbos one is to say “Shabbos Hi Milizok Verefua Kerova Lavo.” This matter will be elaborated on in a further Halacha.


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