Daily Chumash Tuesday-Emor: Laws of Karbanos

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  1. Laws of Karbanos:
  • An Olah voluntary offering: Any Jew may volunteer to bring a Neder or Nedava Olah offering to Hashem. It is to be an unblemished male, either a male cow, sheep or goat. The Karban may not have a Mum.
  • Blemishes: The following matters are defined as a Mum:
    • The animal is blind
    • The animal is broken
    • The animal has a cut eyelid
    • The animal has a wart.
    • The animal has a limp
    • The animal has an enlarged limb.
    • The animal has crushed or destroyed reproduction organs.
  • It is forbidden to castrate any animal.
  • You shall not take a Karban from a stranger, it will likely have a Mum.
  • Slaughtering after 8 days: When an ox, sheep, or goat, gives birth, the baby is to be with its mother for seven days. The animal may be offered from the 8th day and onwards.
  • Mother and child: One may not slaughter a mother and child of an ox or sheep on the same day.
  • Nosar: One may not leave the meat of the Karban over until morning.


  1. Mitzvah of Kiddush Hashem:
  • Do not desecrate Hashem’s name, and you are to sanctify Hashem amongst the Jewish people.

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