Is nail polish remover Kosher for use on Pesach?

  1. Question: [Thursday, 19th Nissan, 5781]

May I use nail polish remover that contains wheat derivatives within its ingredients? I don’t have any other alternative nail polish remover available right now, and my nail polish has begun to peel off my nails in a very visible way and forms a Chatzitza for washing for bread.


Yes, it may be used even if it contains Chametz ingredients, such as Hydrolyzed wheat protein which is a common ingredient used by some companies. However, if the nail polish remover is non-toxic and nonpoisonous for human consumption [something which would usually be explicitly stated on the bottle as a feature of that brand], then it should not be used.

Explanation: Nail polish remover typically contains ingredients, such as acetone, which are both poisonous and inedible and therefore makes it fall under the category of an inedible mixture which contains Chametz, of which its law is that it may be owned and benefited from throughout Pesach. Thus, although this nail polish remover contains actual wheat derivatives, it nevertheless remains permitted in use. Furthermore, being that its purpose is simply to clean nail polish from the fingernails and not to be smeared on the body, therefore it would be permitted to use even according to those who are stringent to treat smearing like drinking during Pesach. It is worthy to note, that when dealing with mixtures of other ingredients that contain Chametz, it is not necessary for the mixture to be inedible to dogs, and being inedible for human suffices to permit its ownership and benefit.


Sources: See regarding owning: Admur 442:22; Michaber 442:1 and 4; Rambam 4:12; See regarding benefiting: Admur 442:24; M”A 442:7 regarding the Tiraka; Chok Yaakov 447:13 and 18; Implication of Terumos Hadeshen 113

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