Yeshayahu Chapter 58: A call for true repentance

Chapter 58: A call for true repentance

  • Speak to the throat of the Jewish people with a loud voice and tell my nation their sins.
  • External righteousness: They act very righteous and seek after Me to know My ways and do not leave the observance of my laws. Nonetheless, this is only external, as in secret they transgress My will.
  • Fasting doesn’t help: This is why even though you fast you are still not saved from the evil decree.
  • Fighting and quarrels: Even when you fast, you still continue your fights and quarrels with others.
  • A true fast involves repentance: Is this what G-d desires of your fast, for you to oppress your soul and walk around with sackcloth? Is this called a fast and day of appeasement for G-d? A true fast is when you leave your evil ways and stop oppressing another.
  • Charity: Give your bread to another was hungry and give your clothing to one who is naked. Do not hide from your own flesh and blood.
  • G-d accepting the prayers: When you do the above, then you can cry to Him and He will listen to you and tear your decree.
  • Making the world a better place: In the merit of these good deeds G-d will build up your cities and stop all evil from coming.
  • Keeping the Shabbos: If you guard the Shabbos and do not perform on it those forbidden actions and call upon it a day of pleasure and sanctified it with honor, from your mundane actions and speech, then you will receive pleasure in G-d, and be lifted to aristocracy with abundance of blessing.

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