Yeshayahu Chapter 52: The redemption

Chapter 52: The redemption

  • Joy of Jerusalem: Wake up Zion and wear the clothing of your glory, as no Gentile will enter your city any longer. Shake the earth from your clothing.
  • Redemption from the nations: You were sold into exile without exchange for money and therefore you will also be redeemed without payment. The Egyptians and Babylonians enslaved you without any compensation, and without any debts that you have towards them. Therefore, why should I delay your redemption when all they do is blaspheme My name all day.
  • Proclaiming the redemption: How beautiful will the sight of the proclamation of the redemption from the mountains be. A calling of peace and blessing and salvation for the Jewish people will come forth, proclaiming here on that G-d will be their king.
  • Pronouncing the return of the exiles: The voice of those who stand by the wall to see who was coming will be heard proclaiming of the gathering of the exiles who have returned to the city.
  • Rejoice Jerusalem: Therefore let all of the destroyed areas of Jerusalem sing and dance together as G-d is comforting His nation and redeeming Jerusalem.
  • Showing His might to the nations: G-d will reveal His holy arm before the Gentile nations so that they all see the salvation of G-d.
  • A call for the Jewish people to leave the Gentile nations: Separate yourselves from the Gentile nations and do not learn from their impure ways.
  • No need to flee: You will not need to leave the nations in a hurry or rush, as G-d will go before you.
  • The greatness of the Messiah: My servant will be very successful and be of greater height and honor than all others.
  • The greatness of the Jewish people: Until now, the gentiles looked at you the Jewish people with the state viewing you as subhuman creatures. Now, G-d will make this happen to them and to their own astonishment they will be the ones who appear lower than the Jewish people.

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