Who wrote Sefer Yetzira

Who wrote Sefer Yetzira?[1]

Sefer Yetzira was written by Avraham Avinu.


[1] Shlah Derech Chaim Parshas Vayeishev; Tocheches Mussar 57; Chida in Shem Hagedolim Samech 54 in name of Zohar Chadash Yisro p. 60; Kuzari Mamar 4; Ramak in end of his commentary on Sefer Yetzira; Yalkut Reuveini Lech Lecha; See Rambam Hilchos Avoda Zara 1/3 “Avraham wrote Sefarim regarding the Ikkur Hagadol of belief in Hashem”

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