What to do with the Shemita Esrog

What is one to do with the Kedushas Sheviis Esrog after Sukkos?

One must guard the Esrog and may not discard it until it has spoiled and is no longer edibile.

Esrog Jam: It is permitted to make Esrog jam with an Esrog of Kedushas Sheviis.[1]

Besamim: It is unclear if one may enter cloves into the Esrog and use it as Besamim.


Must one perform Biur to Esrogim?

Some Poskim[2] rule one is not required to perform Biur to Esrogim of Kedushas Sheviis.[3] Other Poskim[4] rule one is required to perform Biur to Esrogim.[5] Even according to the stringent opinion one is only required to perform Biur on Esrogim if he has the amount of Esrogim to suffice for three meals, which is over 1.5 Esrogim per family member.[6]

When is the Biur of Esrogim according to the stringent opinion? Some[7] write the time of Biur for the Esrog is in Shevat. Others[8] write the time of Biur is during Nissan.


[1] The reason: As this is considered Derech Achilaso.

[2] Ridbaz in 5/18, brought in Gra”ch Naah Yagdil Torah 25/63; See Minchas Yitzchak 3/92

[3] The reason: As the Esrog remains on the tree for 2-3 years, and hence does not have a time of Biur. [ibid]

[4] Rosh Hashanah 15; Minchas Yitzchak 3/92; Chazon Ish 13/10; Hilchos Sheivis [Tukichinsky] 7 footnote 5

[5] The reason: As a) Even a fruit that remains the entire year is obligated in Biur. [Chjazon Ish ibid] b) Today, the Esrogim in truth do not remain on the trees past Teves/Nissan. [questioner in Minchas Yitzchak ibid]

[6] Gr”ach Naah ibid rules explicitly that ; Derech Emuna 7/58; Tziyon Halacha 7/104 that so ruled Chazon Ish and Rav Elyashiv; Ziv Hayam Shevis; Mishpitei Erech; Chut Hashani 318

Other opinions: Some question whether the three meals worth of Shemitah food must be eaten by the end of the day of Biur, before sunset. [Chazon Ish 15/7; See Derech Emuna 7/15 and 7/58]

[7] Hilchos Sheivis ibid in name of Rav Shmuel Salant

[8] Luach of Rabbanut of Israel

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