What is the law if one insulated food on Shabbos?

What is the law if one insulated food on Shabbos?[1]

If the food became hotter due to the insulation it is forbidden.[2] If the food remained the same temperature, then if the material used is defined as “does not add heat,” it is permitted.[3] If the material is defined as material that adds heat then even if it did not add heat to the food, there are Poskim[4] which side that it is nevertheless prohibited [even if the food was fully cooked and Mitztamek Vera Lo]. Others[5] argue on this ruling and permit the food [if it was fully cooked, and further cooking was detrimental towards the food] and heat was not added towards it.


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[5] Piskeiy Teshuvos 257 footnote 30; Rav Farkash argues to permit this, although he does practically rule this way in Shabbos Kehalacha.

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