Wearing slippers during Davening

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May one wear slippers for Davening?[1]

One is required to Daven in a dress code that is fitting to be worn before a king, aristocrat, and people of stature.[2] From this it is understood that whether it is permitted to Daven wearing slippers is dependent on the custom of one’s society, and as to whether it is acceptable to wear them when meeting with a person of stature and honor.[3] Accordingly, if one would feel comfortable wearing his slippers when greeting honorable guests, then he may likewise wear them while Davening.[4] If, however, one would not feel comfortable doing so, then it should not be worn. The above limitation only applies to the time of Shemoneh Esrei, however, prior to, and post, Shemoneh Esrei, one may Daven with slippers.[5] [All the above is from the letter of the law, however, it is proper for one to do his utmost to be dressed honorably for Davening and hence it is best for one to wear shoes throughout Davening.[6]]




One may be lenient to wear slippers during Davening, if they are clean and respectable to receive guests in them. Nonetheless, it is best to wear proper shoes for Davening, and if the slippers are not acceptable to be worn before respectable people, then from the letter of the law, they may not be worn for Shemoneh Esrei.



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[6] See Rioshumei Aaron 1:19 that Rav Moshe Feinstein would remove his slippers and wear shoes for Davening, even when Davening at home.

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