Washing hands after touching Bodily Fluids

Bodily fluids:[1]

The contact of certain bodily fluids requires cleaning of the hands. This is despite the fact that touching bodily fluids do not carry the impure spirit onto the hand. This will be further elaborated on in the next Halacha.


[1] In the list of actions that require washing due to the evil spirit [in 4/18] Admur does not list contact of bodily fluids. [This was completely omitted from chapter 4, unlike the Michaber 4/21 which mentions the law of bodily fluids. This emphasizes the distinction according to Admur between matters that cause impurity to reside and matters which simply dirty the hand.] Nevertheless in the laws of prayer [92/5-7] this matter is discussed with regards to whether one may pray after touching certain bodily fluids. The practical ramification between these fluids and the actions listed above [in 4/18] is that those actions cause an evil spirit to reside on the hands, and require washing specifically with water to remove the impurity. It however remains permitted to learn Torah even prior to washing the hands if the hands are not dirty. In contrast contacting certain bodily fluids do not cause the evil spirit to reside [hence explaining their omission from the list in 4/18] and hence do not require washing with water. Nevertheless they must be cleaned in other ways and it is forbidden to learn Torah or recite blessings prior to doing so. This will be further elaborated on in the next Halacha.

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