Vayehi Noam

Saying Vayehi Noam by Maariv of Motzei Shabbos:[1]

Whenever Pesach, or any Yom Tov, falls on a weekday the paragraph of Vayehi Noam which is normally said after Shabbos, is omitted.



If Pesach falls on Shabbos, is Vayehi Noam recited on the Motzei Shabbos prior to it?

Yes.[2] However some Poskim[3] rule it is not recited.

[1] 295/3

[2] So is implied from Admur 295/3, and so rules: Peri Megadim 295 M”Z 2; Poskim brought in Sharreiy Teshuvah 295/2; M”B 295/3;

The Chabad Custom: Rav Yaakov Landau writes in his diary that the Rebbe Rashab would recite Vayehi Noam in such a case, and so is recorded to be the custom of the Rebbe. [Kitzur Halachos 293 footnote 9] However in the Luach Kolel Chabad they write that it should not be said. See Nitei Gavriel Pesach 1, and Otzer Minhagei Chabad Nissan.

[3] Sheialas Yaavetz 19 brought in Shaareiy Teshuvah 295/2; Kaf Hachaim 295/7; Minchas Shabbos 96/7; Luach Tuchinskiy writes that so is the custom in Eretz Yisrael; They say that it should not be said when Pesach falls on Shabbos, as Erev Pesach is considered a holiday, being that its forbidden to do work from Chatzos. 

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