Unique Bar Mitzvah Teshurah-The laws of Tefillin Pamphlet

Bar Mitzvah Teshurah

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Uninterested in the same old Bentchers distributed by weddings and Bar Mitzvah’s? Want to try something original and new that will have a lasting impact on those who join your Simcha?

We are now offering a special Bar Mitzvah Teshurah which you can order and have distributed by your Bar Mitzvah celebration.

The Teshurah is a small pamphlet which contains a summary of all the necessary laws of Tefillin as well as a Tefillin wearing guideline. This pamphlet was first written and published by Rabbi Goldstein on the occasion of his sons Bar Mitzvah, and corresponds to his main work of “The laws of Tefillin” published shortly thereafter.

We can custom make your Teshurah with a picture of your son and any other front cover design, or dedication that you would appreciate.

For orders and cost information please contact shaynagoldstein@gmail.com

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