Tohu versus Tikkun

Tohu versus Tikkun:[1]

The ratio between its vessels and divine light: It is explained in the teachings of Kabbalah that the world of Tohu contains a large amount of divine energy and a small amount of receptacles to hold it while the world of Tikkun is its exact opposite and contains a small amount of divine energy and a large amount of receptacles to hold it.

Hiskalelus-incorporation: Due to the above, the Sefiros in the world of Tohu were not incorporated of each other to have the attribute of Chesed within Gevura or vice a versa being that it’s divine energy was too intense to permit such collaboration. However, in the world of Tikkun the Sefiros contain ncorporation of each other’s attributes being that the attributes are not as intense and hence the attribute of kindness can still allow the attribute of Gevura to be incorporated within it.

[1] Torah Or Noach p. 9c-d

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