The reward and Sparks of kabala

The Reward for reading Shnayim Mikra:[1]

All those which fulfill the Mitzvah of reading Shnayim Mikra by its proper time are given long days and years.


Sparks of Kabala[2]

Reading Shnayim Mikra merits a person to draw down a spirit of purity and receive the extra soul [which is given on Shabbos]. He is then called an “Adam” which is the highest term used to refer to a human. This is hinted to in the verses “And Adam called Sheimos”[3] Sheimos is also the acronym for Shnayim Mikra Echad Targum.

[1] Brachos 8b

[2] Brought in Kaf Hachaim 285/32

[3] This refers to Adam Harishon which gave names to all the animals.

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