The essence of Kelipa

The essence of Kelipa:[1]

The main essence of Kelipa is the feeling of self, Gasus Haruach. Meaning, the strong self consciousness and focus of what his wants and needs, what is good for him and what is bad for him. This feeling of self is due to the impurity that was transmitted by the Nachash at the time of the sin of Adam and Chava. This is the source of all lusts and sins, as he chooses to do matters that feel good for him and avoid matters that feel bad for him. However, prior to the sin Adam and Chava were naked, in the sense that they felt no self consciousness of personal wills and desires, and rather their entire focus was on G-d. [Bittul removes the focus from oneself and places the focus on others. First and foremost, it places the focus on satisfying Hashem, and does not allow his own desires to interfere with those of Hashem.]

[1] Torah Or Mishpatim Mamar “Lo Siyeh Mishakeila” p. 79b [158]

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