Suicide-The prohibition against committing suicide

The prohibition against committing suicide:[1]

It is forbidden to commit suicide and one who does so is guilty of murder, as the verse[2] states “Veach Es Dimchem Lenafshoseichem Edrosh.” [From this verse we learn that one who kills himself, G-d will demand his soul from his hand in the future.[3] Some write that one who commits suicide does not have a portion in the world to come.[4] All forms of suicide are prohibited even if blood is not spilled, such as through strangulation.[5] Some Poskim[6] learn that one to commit suicide transgresses the prohibition of murder. However, other Poskim[7] rule that suicide is not included within the murder prohibition and it is its own separate prohibition. Some Poskim[8] rule that the prohibition to commit suicide applies even to a Gentile. However, other Poskim[9] rule that gentiles are not included in the command against suicide.]


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