Storage room

Storage rooms:[1]

Storage rooms of wine, oil, straw, or woods are all obligated to have a Mezuzah on their doorposts.[2] However those storage rooms in which a woman [or man[3]] undress in, such as to take a shower, are not to have a Mezuzah.[4]

[1] 186/1-2

Other opinions: The Rambam exempts these areas from a Mezuzah.

[2] Michaber ibid

[3] Daas Kedoshim 286; Shevet Halevi 2/156; Pischeiy Shearim 286/25

[4] Michaber 186/2

The reason: As it is not honorable towards G-d to have a Mezuzah in such areas. [Michaber ibid]

Rooms of dwelling: The above exemption due to undressing only applies to storage rooms, being that they are not actually considered ones dwelling place. [Rama ibid; Shach 286/8] However those rooms which serve as sleeping quarters are obligated in a Mezuzah even if a woman is accustomed to undress in it. [Rama ibid]

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