Shmuel 2-Chapter 6: The Ark of Israel is returned to the Jewish people

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Chapter 6: The Ark of Israel is returned to the Jewish people

1. The Ark of Israel is returned to the Jewish people:

  • Dovid gathered all of the young men of Israel for a total of 30,000 men. Dovid and all of these men that were with him from the tribe of Judah, went up to bring the ark of G-d which was called the name Hashem Tzevaos which had the Cherubs resting on it. They carried the Ark of G-d on a new wagon [which was a mistake, being that the Ark of G-d must be carried on one’s shoulders[1]] and carried it from the house of Avinadav which was in the city of Givah. Uza and his brothers, the children of Avinadav, were the ones leading the [cows which carried[2]] the new wagon. The [oxen[3]] carried the Ark of G-d from the house of Avinadav which was in Givah, and his brothers went in front of the Ark.
  • The celebratory procession in front of the ark: Dovid and all the Jewish people were rejoicing in front of G-d with all different types of musical instruments, including those made from brushes and wooden pieces [i.e. a guitar], and harps and violins and flutes and trumpets, and drums and tambourines.

2. The death of Uza:

  • They arrived by the area of Goren Nachon and Uza sent his hand to grab the Ark of G-d [to protect it from falling], as the oxen which were carrying it had shaken it and made it not sturdy. And the wrath of G-d was ignited against Uza [for not trusting that G-d would take care of his own Ark[4]] and so G-d killed him there due to his forgetfulness and he died there next to the Ark of G-d. Dovid became very angry over the fact that G-d had taken his vengeance against Uza, and he called that place by the name of Peretz Uza until this very day.

3. The ark is housed in the home of Oveid who is subsequently blessed:

  • On that day Dovid became very fearful of G-d and said, “how can the Ark of G-d come and be located by me?” Dovid did not desire to bring the Ark of G-d to his city, the city of Dovid, and he therefore had it brought to the house of Oveid Edom Hagiti [who was a Levite[5]]. The ark remained in the house of Oveid Edom Hagiti for a period of three months. In this interim, G-d blessed Oveid Edom and his entire household [that his wife and his eight daughter-in-law’s birthed sextuplets[6]].

4. The Ark is brought to Ir Dovid with great celebration:

  • King Dovid was then informed that G-d had blessed the house Oveid Edom and all of his belongings due to the Ark of G-d that was by him, [and so Dovid decided to bring the Ark to his own city]. So Dovid went and he brought the Ark of G-d from the house of Oveid Edom and brought it to the city of Dovid with great joy. After every six steps that the carriers of the ark took, they slaughtered an oxen as a sacrifice. Dovid danced with all of his might in front of G-d and at the time he was wearing a linen apron. Dovid and all the Jewish people brought the Ark of G-d with trumpets and the sound of the shofar. The Ark of G-d arrived in the city of Dovid.
  • Michal belittles Dovid in her heart: Michal, the daughter of Shaul, looked through the window and saw Dovid the king singing and dancing in front of G-d and she scorned him in her heart.
  • The ark of G-d was brought [into the city] and positioned in its place inside of the tent that Dovid had erected.
  • Sacrifices are offered, blessings are given, and food is distributed: Dovid offered sacrifices of Olos and Shelamim before G-d. When Dovid completed bringing the sacrifices of Olos and Shelamim, he blessed the nation in the name of Hashem Tzevaos. Dovid distributed to all of the nation of Israel, from man to woman, a single loaf of bread, a portion of meat, and a flask of wine, and the entire nation returned each to their home.

5. Dovid returns home and is confronted by his wife Michal:

  • Dovid returned home to bless his family and greet them. Michal, the daughter of Shaul, came out to greet Dovid and she said to him, “How difficult of a day is it that a king in Israel has revealed himself to the eyes of his servants and maidservants like a lowlife.” Dovid replied to Michal, “G-d has chosen me over your father and over all of his household and instructed me to be a leader on G-d’s nation on the Jewish people, and I rejoiced in front of G-d. In fact, I have even belittled myself even more than this [that you witnessed] and I have been very low in my eyes. Now regarding the maidservant that you said that I belittled myself in front of them, in truth they have come to respect me even more and do not disparage me.”
  • Michal does not have children: [As a result of the above disparaging remarks of Michal] Michal, the daughter of Shaul, did not have children until the day that she died. [Meaning, that from that and onwards she had no more children with Dovid, although she did already have a previous child as mentioned earlier in Scripture.[7]]


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