Saying Pesukim in the home of the Yoledes

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Saying Pesukim in the home of the Yoledes:[1]

After the birth of a boy[2], prior to the circumcision, it is customary to have children visit the home of the Yoledes and recite various verses of Scripture. This is customarily done each night, and especially on the night prior to the circumcision. The children are to recite while present the verses of Kerias Shema, Hamalach Hagoel, the 12 Pesukim and statements of the sages. The children are given refreshments or treats for the occasion.


[1] Chosem Kodesh 9:6; Bris Avos Kuntrus Leil Shimurim 13; Zocher Habris 3:14; Shevach Habris 2:6; Chinuch book by Hartman

[2] It is not customary to do so after the birth of a girl.

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