Lullabies for babies

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Lullabies for babies:[1]

Immoral or improper lyrics: One is to greatly beware that even an infant does not listen to forbidden gentile music [i.e. songs that contain immoral or improper lyrics,] as it will have a negative effect on his character.[2] The child’s soul understands the words and internalizes them, hence having an effect on him when he is older.[3] Certainly, the mother or other caretaker is not to sing forbidden songs, as these words of song create an evil spirit which then resides on the child.[4]

Gentile, but proper, lyrics: The above prohibition only applies towards songs that contain immoral or improper lyrics, and does not negate the singing of gentile melodies used as lullabies. Nevertheless, the Poskim[5] conclude that one is not to sing any gentile lullabies to infants and is rather to sing lullabies that contain words of Torah and holiness, such as Torah Is Der Besta Sechora, and Kamataz Alef Ah and the like.[6] One is to sing ethical songs dealing with the garden of Eden, or the future judgment in front of G-d.[7]


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