Looking at holy images during pregnancy

* This article is an excerpt from the above Sefer

Looking at holy images:[1]

Throughout her pregnancy, a woman is to try to see holy images. She should visit the synagogues and halls of study and see and hear the Torah discussions of the Torah scholars and righteous men. These words of Torah will enter into her ears and sanctify the child that is within her, as the fetus hears and understands everything. So was done by the mother of Rebbe Yehoshua Ben Chanania when she was pregnant with him and for this reason she had a very holy child who was a great Torah scholar.[2]


[1] Shevet Hamussar 24; Toras Menachem 5750 3:179 “it is known the custom of women while they are pregnant to be very careful not to see impure items but rather only pure and holy items”; Likkutei Sichos 25:309; Shevach Habris 1:1; See Sichos Kodesh 5737 Sicha 7

[2] See Yerushalmi Yevamos 1:6; Rashi and Rav Ovadia Bartenura on Avos 2:8

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