Jealousy in the world to come

Jealousy in Gan Eden:[1]

The Sages[2] state that in Gan Eden and the world to come “every Tzadik will be scorched from the Chuppah of his friend.” This means as follows: Every soul in Gan Eden experiences Divine revelation in accordance to the Avoda it performed in this world, and in accordance to his level of comprehension. Thus, what one soul is receiving in Gan Eden is incompatible with another soul, either due to the difference in their Avoda or in their difference of ability of comprehension. This causes that when one soul becomes attracted to the experience of another soul in Heaven it is unable to understand it and thus causes him to be burnt.


[1] Torah Or Mikeitz 32d

[2] Bava Basra 75a; Bereishis Raba 21/2

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