Inserting the Mezuzah into a hole in doorpost


Placing the Mezuzah into a hole in the doorpost:

One may place the Mezuzah in a way that its completely hidden, even if its placed with the name Sha-kai” facing inwards[1], as this is definitely better then nullifying the Mitzvah completely.[2] One may thus make a hole in the doorpost and place the Mezuzah inside.[3] One may not excuse himself from placing a Mezuzah with the claim that people steal it and act with it in a disgraceful manner, as one can place the Mezuzah in a way that its completely hidden.

How deep may the hole be?[4] The hole is to be less than one Tefach [8 cm] deep into the doorpost, and place the Mezuzah inside that space. If one drilled more than a Tefach into the doorpost, the Mezuzah is invalid if placed there.

[1] This implies that if one is able to, he needs/should place the name of Hashem facing outwards in a visible way. And so rules the Rama in 298/15

[2] Taz 286/4

However initially it is best for the Mezuzah to be nailed onto the doorpost [and not placed in a hole]. [Pischeiy Teshuva 289/6 in name of Darkei Noam 14/18]

[3] Michaber 289/4

[4] Michaber 289/4

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