If preceded one of the later blessings in Birchas Hatorah

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What is the law if one preceded one of the later blessings; may the previous blessings still be recited?[1]

  • Example: One recited the blessing of Asher Bachar Banu prior to Al Divreiy Torah.

One is to say the previous blessings that were not yet said, as the order of which the three blessings are to be said is not crucial.

[1] Tehila Ledavid 47/3; Michaber 139/3 brought in Halacha 4 Q&A regarding receiving an Aliya prior to Birchas Hatorah. However see Igros Moshe 1/21 which suggests that if one recited the blessing of Asher Bachar he no longer needs to recite the blessing of Al Divreiy Torah and Viharev Nah, as Asher Bachar is the greatest of the blessings. Vetzaruch Iyun.

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