Human blood

Human blood:[1]

Human blood is not Biblically forbidden in consumption due to the blood prohibition.[2] Nevertheless, it is [Rabbinically] forbidden to drink visible human blood which has separated from a human body due to Maaras Ayin.

Blood fell into food:[3] If human blood fell into one’s food, the food remains permitted [irrelevant of the ratio].[4] This allowance applies even if the blood is the majority of the mixture.[5] This however only applies if the blood, and color of the blood, is not recognizable within the food. However if the food now has a reddish tinge it is forbidden even if it has a 1:60 ratio.[6] Likewise, it is forbidden to initially mix the blood into the food, and only if after the fact the blood became mixed in, we rule that it is permitted, even if he mixed it in intentionally.[7] In the event that the blood is still recognizable within the mixture, one may add more food to the mixture in order to nullify its color.[8]



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