How to turn around with the Torah by Hagbah

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How to turn around with the Torah by Hagbah:[1]

One is to show the writing of the Sefer Torah to those standing by his right and left, and thus turn around with the Sefer Torah to his front and back in order to show the writing to the entire congregation, men and women.


This turning is done in the following way:[2]

Which direction first: One first turns to his right side, which is from east to south, if he is facing east.[3] Accordingly, by an Ashkenazi Sefer Torah, the writing is first shown to those on the left of the Bima, while by a Sephardi Sefer Torah it is first shown to those to the right of the Bima.[4]

Circling the Torah: Some are accustomed to performing a full circle, turning to one’s right [East to south to west to north].[5] Others perform a half circle from their right side [east to southwest] and then from their left side [east to northwest].[6] Others state that there is no need at all to make a half or whole circle, and one can remain stationary and show the writing to both sides.[7]

The Rebbe’s instruction: Practically, the Rebbe once instructed the Yeshiva students to perform Hagbah as follows:[8] One performs only a half circle, turning from right to left [east to north to west] and then returns to east, going from left to right.

Turning slowly:[9] In all cases, one is to turn around slowly with the Sefer Torah in order to allow everyone to properly see it.



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