Hashem is near during the Ten Days of Repentance

Hashem is near during the Ten Days of Repentance:[1]

The verse states, “Dirshu Hashem Bihimatzo, Karuhu Bihiyoso Karov/Search for Hashem when He is found, call Him when He is close.” The Sages expound that this verse refers to the Ten Days of Repentance. Seemingly, the entire concept of Hashem being close to us during certain times is puzzling, as Hashem is ubiquitous, fills the entire Heavens and earth, and there is no place that is devoid of Him. From the perspective of man, the concept of telling him to “return to G-d” is fully applicable, for he has sinned and veered from the G-dly path and must now re-align himself in an effort to bridge the gap caused by his iniquities. However, from G-d’s perspective, how can one say that He is distanced most of the time and only during certain days is He close, if in truth He fills the entire earth, always? The explanation is that the closeness referred to in the verse is not of a geographical nature, Heaven forbid. Rather, it is of an emotional closeness and bonding. It is similar to two men who are in very close physical proximity to each other, but nevertheless can still be quite distant. When facing each other, they are truly close, but if one turns his back on the other, they are then worlds apart. When a person commits a sin, it causes a similar effect to two close friends turning away from each other, as will be explained.

[1] Likkutei Torah p. 64a

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