Guests-Eating out by others on Pesach

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Eating out by others on Pesach:[1]

The Alter Rebbe once stated “On Pesach one does not invite others to eat and drink, however it is permitted for one to take on his own.” [This means that the host is not to offer others to eat his foods on Pesach, as perhaps that person is stringent regarding this food, and he will feel uncomfortable refusing the offer.] However, from the perspective of the guest, there is no issue in one eating another person’s food if he so chooses.[2] Furthermore, one is to make his food available for guests who desire to eat from his foods.[3] Nevertheless some are custom not to eat at other people houses, or partake in other people’s foods, throughout Pesach.[4]



One is not to offer or pressure another to eat his food on Pesach, although a guest may eat from one’s foods if he so desires. Nevertheless, some are accustomed not to eat by others at all on Pesach.



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[4] Nitei Gavriel 40:4; This seemingly is in contrast to the above statements of the Alter Rebbe as if it is our custom not to eat by others then the Alter Rebbe would not have said that one can take on his own. Thus, in conclusion, one must say that although it is not our custom to specifically not eat by others over Pesach, those who do so as their own personal stringency are likewise not opposing the Chabad custom. Practically, amongst most of Anash today it is accustomed not to eat by others over Pesach just like we don’t eat processed foods.

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