Giving Tzedaka at night

Giving Tzedaka at night:[1]

A. The law:

Based on Kabbalah, one is to avoid giving charity at night [until midnight, if he is able to give the charity during daytime].[2] [However, from the letter of the law it is certainly permitted to do so, and it is not considered a Mitzvah Habah Baveira[3], and there are many who are not accustomed to be stringent in this.[4]]

After midnight:[5] After midnight, one may give charity.

B. Cases of exception:

If a pauper or campaign is collecting at night: Even one who is generally stringent in this, if he is unable to give the charity during daytime, then it may be given at night.[6] Hence, if a pauper is asking for charity at night, then he may and must be given charity.[7] [Likewise, if a charity campaign will expire at night, one may give charity at night.]

Inconspicuous giving: Some Poskim[8] rule that if one gives the charity inconspicuously [i.e. anonymously] then there is no issue.

Placing in charity box and making a pledge: Some Poskim[9] explain that the entire issue is to give the charity to the pauper at night, however, to designate the charity at night and give it the next day is not a problem. Thus, one may put charity money in a charity box at night if its funds will only be distributed to paupers during daytime. Certainly, one may pledge the charity at night and give it the next day.[10] ]The Rebbe himself was accustomed to place charity in Pushka’s at night, and relates that one time in the days of the Rebbe Rayatz he was told off by an individual for doing so due to the Arizal’s warning, and the Rebbe Raytaz replied to him that seemingly that individual does not give charity even by day.[11]]


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