From when may one say Karbanos before Mincha

At what time may one begin to recite Karbanos for Mincha?[1]

The Karbanos for Mincha are not to be recited prior to 6.5 hours into the day, which is 30 minutes after midday, and the earliest legal time in which Mincha may be Davened.[2]


[1] Shraga Hameir 7/20; Piskeiy Teshuvos 233/1; See Admur Kama 1/13, 47/9; Basra 1/9 that the Karbanos prior to Shacharis may only be recited after Alos being that the Karbanos are not offered during the day and the same would apply towards the Karbanos of Mincha.

[2] The reason: As the Karbanos of the afternoon were never offered prior to 6.5 hours after morning, and our recital of Karbanos prior to Mincha corresponds to the afternoon Karbanos. [ibid; See Admur ibid]

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