From the Rav’s Desk: Saying a new blessing on a Tallis Katan when switch during the day

  1. Question: [Sunday, 18th Marcheshvan, 5782]

I am married and work in renovations and have a special work Tallis Katan that I change into each day after davening prior to going to work, I then switch it back when I come home which in the summer is usually before sunset but in the winter is usually after sunset. My question is regarding whether I have to say a blessing when I put on my work Tziztis, and have to say a new blessing when I put back on my other pair of Tzizis after work? The reason I am asking is because I heard that one who is married and wears a Tallis Gadol never recites a blessing over a Tallis Katan.


Every time that you put on a new pair of Tzitzis after Davening Shacharis you must say a blessing, so long as it is before sunset. This applies even if you are married and wear a Tallis Gadol for Shacharis. Thus, when you put on your work Tzitzis you should say a blessing, and when you change back after work you are to say another blessing so long as it is before sunset.

Explanation: Every Tallis that one wears is considered a new mitzvah and therefore deserves a new blessing unless one puts it on one after the other without making any interval between. Now, although married men who wear a Tallis Godel are accustomed not to recite a blessing when they put on their Tallis katan in the morning before prayer, this only applies before prayer because the Tallis Godel exempts the Tallis Katan with its blessing. However, after the prayers when is no longer applies every subsequent Tallis that one wears requires a blessing irrelevant of whether one is married or not.


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