From the Rav’s Desk: Pesach Sheiyni on Erev Shabbos

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Pesach Sheiyni on Erev Shabbos

Question: [Friday, 14th Iyar 5780]

Given that this year Pesach Sheini is erev Shabbos, what halachos does one need to be careful after when eating matzah erev Shabbos afternoon (as it says not to have a larger than usual meal erev Shabbos, and personally I almost never eat bread on Friday and certainly not in the afternoon)?


It is permitted to wash on bread or Matzah on Erev Shabbos, even in the afternoon, so long as it is before the 10th hour of the day, which is calculated as three Zemaniyos hours before sunset.

See here for the full details of this matter:

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