From the Rav’s Desk: Order of drying self after shower

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  1. Question: [Wednesday, 19th Adar, 5781]

What is the order of drying one’s body after a shower? I know that in general you’re always supposed to proceed the right side when getting dressed and undressed and even in the shower so I was wondering if there is also a certain order to be followed when drying one’s body after the shower.


You should first dry your right side and then the dry your left side. [It is however unclear if one should first dry his entire right side [arm and leg] and then left side, or if one should first dry his right arm and then his left arm, and then his right leg and then his left leg.]

Explanation: The law which requires one to precede his right side over his left side when getting dressed and undressed, and likewise when bathing, is an offshoot of the original law which states that one should always precede his right side for everything, and therefore drying oneself after a shower is no exception, and one is thus to honor the right side by drying it from the cold water first.

Sources: Admur Kama 2:3-6; Basra 2:4; Basra 2:4; In the Basra 2:4 Admur writes to wash the right hand first. However, in Kama 2:6 the word hand is omitted and perhaps it refers to the entire right side of the body; that it is to be washed first.

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