Doing Semicha to the chicken by Kaparos

Doing Semicha to the chicken by Kaparos:[1]

After the ceremony one does Semicha[2] to the chicken [or other animal] and then gives it to a Shochet to be immediately slaughtered.[3] [Some[4] however learn from Admur in the Siddur that one is not required to do Semicha to the chicken or slaughter it immediately afterwards.[5] It is however brought that the Rebbe Rashab, would perform Semicha after he finished the Kaparos.[6] Practically, the widespread custom is not to do so.[7]]


[1] Admur 605:1; Rama 605:1

[2] To lean on the chicken’s head, similar to what is done by a Karban brought to atone one’s sins. [Rama ibid]

Other opinions brought in Admur: There are those [Taz 605:3] who refrain from doing Semicha to the chicken in order so it not appear as if one is sanctifying Kodshim and slaughtering them outside of the Temple. There is no need however to suspect for this matter, being that it is common knowledge that a chicken is not a species fit for the altar. [Admur ibid; Levush]

[3] As immediately after the Semicha one is to perform the slaughtering. [Admur ibid]

[4] Shaar Hakolel 42:2

[5] As Admur omitted this from the Siddur. The reason for this is because it has no basis according to the Kabala of the Arizal. [Poskim ibid]

[6] Reshimos Hayoman p. 258

[7] Glosses of Rav Raskin on Siddur

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