Davened in middle of eating or drinking-Muzt the before blessing be repeated?

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  1. Question: [Sunday, 23rd Tishreiy 5781]

If I started my coffee before Shacharis and planned to finish it after Davening, do I have to say a new blessing after Davening, or does the Shehakol that I said before Davening still count for the drinking that I will do after Davening?



So long as you did not yet say an after blessing before Shacharis, and enough time has not passed for it to be considered “Shiur Ikkul” [96 minutes Lechumra] then you may continue drinking without a new blessing and a new blessing may not be recited.


Sources: Michaber 178:6; Admur 178:7; Braisa Pesachim 102a; Tosafus and Rosh ibid; See also Taz 178:10; Elya Raba 178:10; Kaf Hachaim 178:35-37

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