Community Matters

Reading to the public, matters which pertain to the community:[1]

Similarly that which is accustomed that the servant read the approbations or excommunications from writing is not to be forbidden due to that one may come to read layman documents, being that [the above writings] are for the need of the public, and the needs of the public have the legal status of a Mitzvah matter, as written in chapter 306 [Halacha 12[2]]



It is permitted for communal matters to be read before the community, as matters pertaining to the public have the status of a Mitzvah.

[1] 307/24

[2] There it is explained that even mundane communal matters may be talked of and overseen by the appointed public workers, as matters of the public are like a matter of a Mitzvah which does not contain the prohibition of Mimtzo Cheftzecha or Daber Davar.

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