Clothing: Checking clothing for Chametz

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Checking one’s clothing for Chametz:[1]

Every person must be careful to check his clothing and shake his gloves and pockets of his clothing, and of his children’s, as at times one enters Chametz into them.[2] However, this only applies towards one who is accustomed at times to place Chametz into the pockets of his clothing, however, one who never does so, does not need to check the pockets at all, neither on the night of the 14th nor by the time of Biur Chametz. Nevertheless, one who is stringent [to check them] is blessed.[3]

When are the pockets to be checked?[4] The pockets do not need to be checked on the night of the 14th being that when one eats Chametz the next day, it is possible that one will place Chametz in them, and they will need to be rechecked. Rather, one should check and shake the pockets the next day at the time of the destruction of Chametz. Even if one wants to be stringent upon himself and check them on the night of the 14th, he nevertheless needs to recheck them the next day by the time of the destruction of Chametz, as perhaps one reentered Chametz which he ate after the Bedika into the pockets.



One who at times enters Chametz foods into his pockets, is obligated to check them for Chametz on Erev Pesach before the 6th hour, by the time of the Biur. One who does not enter foods into his pockets, is not obligated to check them, although if he does so is blessed.



Do laundered clothing have to be checked?

No. Clothing which are freshly laundered do not need to be checked, as the detergent and washing cycle is considered to have destroyed the Chametz. Thus, one only has to check the pockets of those clothing that are being worn on Erev Pesach, or are still in the hamper and have yet to be washed. Likewise, any coats, jackets, or sweaters that are worn multiple times before washing, need to be checked.


Does one have to check the cuffs of his pants?

Being that the cuffs of pants usually pick up a lot of dirt, including Chametz, one is to make sure to check them for Chametz before the 6th hour on Erev Pesach.



[1] Admur 433:42-43

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The reason: Seemingly we suspect that one absent mindedly entered his hands into his pocket while eating Chametz, and some of the Chametz then entered into his pocket.

[4] Admur 433:42

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