Chasan doing Melacha and business

Melacha and Business:[1]

It is forbidden for the Chasan to do Melacha or business in the marketplace throughout the period of Simcha [three or seven days depending on Besula/Beula as explained in A].[2]

Mechila/Receving permission from Kallah to do Melacha:[3] The above prohibition applies even if the Kallah is Mochel on her Simcha, and allows him to do Melacha and go to work.[4] [However, some Poskim[5] rule that his applies only if the Kallah is a Besula, if however the Kallah is a Beula, then she can forgive her honor and he may go to work.[6] Likewise, some Poskim[7] are lenient to allow a Chasan to perform Melacha in the privacy of his home if the Kallah is Mochel, even if she is a Besula.[8]]

Haircut and laundry:[9] It is permitted for a Chasan [and Kallah] to cut his hair and launder/iron his clothing during Sheva Brachos.[10]


A Chasan is forbidden in Melacha all seven days if he married a Besula. If he married a Beula it is only for three days. If the Kallah is Mochel, the Chasan may do Melacha in the privacy of his home, and if he married a Beula he may do Melacha even in public.


May the Kallah do Melacha during the Sheva Brachos?
Some Poskim[11] rule the Kallah is forbidden in Melacha just as the Chasan. Other Poskim[12] however are lenient from the second day and onwards. She may certainly do Melacha in private with her husband’s consent.[13]

May the Chasan/Kallah do Melacha in order to prevent monetary loss?[14]
Some Poskim[15] rule it is forbidden for him to do Melacha even in a case of loss. Other Poskim[16] rule it is permitted. Practically, he may do Melacha in private if his Kallah is Mochel.

Q&A on definition of Melacha

What is defined as Melacha?[17]
All matters that are forbidden on Chol Hamoed are forbidden for the Chasan/Kallah.[18] It is likewise forbidden to perform any Melacha that is troublesome and prevents one from properly focusing on rejoicing his wife.[19] All Melachos that are food related, and are permitted to perform on Yom Tov are likewise permitted to be performed by the Chasan/Kallah. Likewise, Simcha related Melachos are permitted.[20]

May a Chasan tie Tzitzis to his new Tallis during Sheva Brachos?[21]

May a Chasan/Kallah write during Sheva Brachos?[22]
It is permitted for the Chasan/Kallah to briefly write during Sheva Brachos, although one may not to engage in a long writing session in order not to nullify rejoicing his wife. It is certainly permitted to jot down Chidushei Torah.

May one’s business partner run the business during Sheva Brachos?[23]

May a Chasan who is a Shochet, Shect during Sheva Brachos?[24]
Yes. He may even Shecht for the public, if other Shochtim are not available and it will lead to a shortage of meat.[25]

May a Chasan/Kallah cut nails during Sheva Brachos?[26]


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Other Poskim: Some Poskim rule it is permitted for the Kallah to be Mochel and have her Chasan do work. [Chida in Shiyurei Bracha 64 and Chaim Sheol 2/38-Samech]

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Other opinions: Some Poskim rule the Chasan is forbidden in getting a haircut or laundry during Sheva Brachos. [Bach Y.D. 342, brought in Shach ibid; Maharibil 3/72 according to Raavad; Kerem Shlomo 64, brought in Pischei Teshuvah 64/1] The Shach ibid strongly negates his opinion, as it argues against all the above Rishonim and Poskim. See Nitei Gavrile ibid footnote 21

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