C. Kosher wild animals [Chayah]:

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C. Kosher wild animals [Chayah]:[1]

The meat of a Kosher species of wild animal [Chayah] does not contain a Biblical Basar Bechalav prohibition to cook and eat with milk. However, it does contain a Rabbinical Basar Bechalav prohibition against eating it with milk [and hence if it falls into a pot of dairy it requires 60x].

Status of cooking and benefit: The meat of a Kosher species of wild animal [Chayah] does not contain even a Rabbinical Basar Bechalav prohibition against cooking it with milk, or against benefiting from its mixture, and hence from the letter of the law, it may be cooked with milk and benefited from.[2] However, practically, it is forbidden to cook it with milk due to Maras Ayin.[3] It does however remain permitted in benefit, as explained in Halacha 2.

What is a Chayah? The following is a list of Kosher Chayos:[4] Gazelle [Ayal]; deer [Tzvi]; Yachmor; ibex [Ako]; antelope [Dishon]; giraffe [Zamer].[5]


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Other opinions: Some Poskim rule that Kosher Chayah meat is Biblically forbidden to be cooked/eaten with milk of a Kosher animal. [Rebbe Yossi Hagelili in Mishneh Chulin 8:4 as explained in Rambam Pirush Hamishnayos; Rambam Hilchos Mumarim 2:9 [unlike Machalos Assuros 9:4], as explained in Merkeves Hamishneh, unlike Kesef Mishneh and Radbaz; Rashal in Yam Shel Shlomo Perek Kol Habasar 100 and Bach 87, based on the Hagahas Sheid 76:4, based on Tosfos Chulin 104b, as brought in Shach ibid; Erech Hashulchan 87:4 and 14 is stringent]

Does the mixture of Chayah meat and milk receive the same status of laws as a Biblical mixture regarding Taaruvos? See Taz 98:5 and Shach 98:7 for a dispute on the severity of this Rabbinical prohibition of chicken, and if it carries Biblical weight.

[2] Michaber 87:3

[3] Shach 87:7 in his first [and later negated] explanation; Taz 87:5 in accordance to his rule that Maaras Ayin applies by two Kosher foods; Rama does not mention the law by a Chayah but seemingly since it is Rabbinical there would be no concern for Maaras Ayin [see note below].

Other Opinions: Some Poskim rule that chicken may be cooked with milk and there is no concern for Maaras Ayin. This implies that there is no worry of Maaras Ayin by Rabbinical mixtures of meat and milk. [Rama 87:4 as understood by Shach’s 87:6; See Beir Heiytiv 87:7]

[4] Parshas Re’eh 14:4

[5] A Buffalo: Is questionable whether it is a Chayah or a Biheima. See Rama Yoreh Deah 28:4.

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