8. Keli SheMuktzah Machmas Miuso/A vessel which is avoided due to its repulsiveness

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8. Keli SheMuktzah Machmas Miuso/A vessel which is avoided due to its repulsiveness:[1]

Any item which has the status of a vessel is permitted to be moved on Shabbos, in the circumstances that will be explained. [Furthermore] even a vessel which is designated for forbidden work which is [also] set aside due to it being disgusting, meaning that a person removes and sets aside his mind from it, due to its repulsiveness, [and thus sets his mind aside] from using it for a any other purpose permitted to be done on Shabbos, such as for example an old earthenware lamp which had not been lit for that Shabbos[2], [then nevertheless] it does not receive the status of Muktzah because of this. [Furthermore] even if it is not capable at all to be used for any other purpose that is permitted on Shabbos due to its repulsiveness, such as for example a lamp, even of metal, which one lit kerosene in, nevertheless even so it does not have the status of Muktzah to become prohibited to move, rather it is permitted to move it just like all other vessels which are designated for a forbidden use.

The reason for this is because, nevertheless [despite its repulsiveness] it is still useable to cover vessels with.

The status of the wooden rods used to dry fish [I.e. Fish Flakes][3]:[4] We already explained in chapter 308 [Halacha 2] that Muktzah Machmas Mius is permitted [to be moved], therefore the wooden rods which fish are hung on in order to dry, despite being repulsive, are permitted to be moved.

Summary-Muktzah Machmas Mius:

Vessels which are designated for a repulsive forbidden use, such as an earthenware lamp which has not been lit before Shabbos, and thus due to their repulsiveness will not be used for any purpose on Shabbos, is nevertheless not considered MM”G but rather merely MM”I.


[1] Admur 308:2

[2] As if it has then it is Muktzah, as was explained in previous chapters of the Alter Rebbe.

[3] Fish flakes are used to hang the fish on, out in the sun, for purposes of drying them out and thus having them stay preserved for long periods of times.

[4] Admur 310:1

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