6. Plowing

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6. Plowing:

It is forbidden to plow the land during Shemita, as written in Halacha 1.



May one build a fence around his field during Shemita?[1]

It is forbidden to build a fence between two fields. However, it is permitted to build a fence between one’s field and the public.

May one dig a pit in his garden during Shemita for non-agricultural purposes [i.e. plumbing, inserting a pole, Mikveh]?[2]

Yes. All digging for non-agricultural purposes is permitted during Shemita.


[1] Toras HaShemita 4:24

[2] See Rambam Shemita Veyovel 1:4; 2:14; Maaseh Rokeiach; Derech Emuna 24; Halichos Hashevi’is 5:15

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