3. The permitted forms of cooking/heating

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3. The permitted forms of cooking/heating:

Cooking with direct sun heat:[1] To cook with the [heat of the] sun directly, such as to leave an egg in the sun in order to cook, or to leave water in the sun in order to heat up is allowed because doing so is not the common form of cooking [and thus is not Biblically forbidden]. [Furthermore, this is even Rabbinically permitted as the Sages] did not decree [against cooking] with the sun due to [that one may then also come to cook] with fire being that [cooking in the heat of] the sun will not be confused with cooking with fire.


Summary-The following form of cooking is completely permitted:

To cook, bake, or do any of the above-mentioned activities through the direct rays of the sun[2], [although regarding melting fat see below].



May one use a magnifying glass to cook his food?[3]

A fire was created through the magnifying glass:  Some Poskim[4] rule it is Biblically forbidden to do so. Others[5] rule it is a Rabbinical prohibition of Toledes Haor.

A fire was not created: Some Poskim[6] rule that in a case of slight illness one may be lenient to ask a gentile to cook through a magnifying glass.[7]


Is water heated in the solar boilers [Dud Shemesh] considered Chama or Toldos Chama?

Some Poskim[8] rule that the heating of water in the solar boilers is considered Toledes Chama and is hence Rabbinically forbidden. Others[9] rule it is considered Chama and is hence permitted to be heated. According to all the water itself is considered Toledes Chama and is hence forbidden to cook items within it.


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