10. Using a tool to drill a hole through a plugged up hole of a vessel

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10. Using a tool to drill a hole through a plugged up hole of a vessel:[1]

In [any] situation that it is allowed to open the plug of an old hole it is [also] allowed to puncture it [i.e. the plug] even with a [non-electric[2]] drill. For example, if the tap of the barrel broke and one is not able to remove it, one may puncture it with a [non-electric] drill. It goes without saying that one is allowed to take another tap and bang it into the tap that is stuck [thus pushing in the broken tap and entering a new tap at the same time].

[The above However, is only allowed to be done] if one wants to drink wine [from this barrel] on Shabbos, and only as long as that the tap is not parallel to the sediment, as was explained [in the previous Halacha].


Summary-May one make a hole in the plug that is stopping up the hole?

In any case that it is permitted to unplug the hole [see previous Halacha] then one may also puncture a hole into the plug if one desires to use the content on Shabbos.[3]



May one use a corkscrew to remove the cork of a bottle?[4]




[1] Admur 314:7; Michaber 314:3

[2] Meaning that one may not plug in the drill, However, he may use it while it is not plugged in being that it has the status of Muktzah Machmas Issur, which is allowed to be moved in order to use.

[3] Halacha 7

[4] Chayeh Adam 41; Ketzos Hashulchan 119 note 7 based on Admur and Michaber ibid

Other opinions: There are opinions which say this should not be used because it appears like a mundane activity. [Tiferes Yisrael Kalkeles Shabbos, brought in Ketzos Haashulchan ibid] However, based on the ruling in 314:7 it appears that it is allowed without restriction. [ibid]

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