Daily Tanya 8th Iyar-Chapter 46: G-d elevates us to His holiness, and we become sanctified for Him


(LY) 8th Iyar

  • The parable of Shir Hashirim: It is due to the above reason that King Solomon wrote the book Shir Hashirim in a way which describes the unity between a husband and wife, with love and attachment and passion and desire and hugging and kissing, as in truth this is likened to our relationship with Hashem, during Mitzvah performance.
  1. G-d elevates us to His holiness, and we become sanctified for Him:
  • On a deeper level, we say the words “Asher Kidishanu Bemitzvosav” being that G-d elevates us to His level of holiness through the performance of a Mitzvah.
  • The level of holiness that we are elevated to through Mitzvos: Holiness means separation, as G-d, which refers here to Soveiv Kol Almin, is separate from the worlds, and through Mitzvah performance one’s soul becomes elevated and united and incorporated within the infinite light of G-d and receives the same level of greatness as the actual infinite light of G-d itself. This is due to the fact that during Mitzvah performance one becomes united and incorporated within G-d and becomes actually one with Him.
  • Scripture-You will be holy to Me: Various verses of Scripture express this bond affected by Mitzvah performance, such as “and you will be holy to Me as I am holy,” and “I will separate you from the other nations to be for Me,” “and you shall do all my commands and you shall be holy for your G-d, I am Hashem your G-d.”
  • Becoming a chariot for G-d like our forefathers: The intent of all of these verses is to say that through Mitzvah performance G-d becomes our personal G-d similar to the relationship He had with our forefathers, Abraham and Isaac who were chariots for Hashem and were nullified and incorporated within His light. This exact experience is likewise achieved by the soul of every single Jew when he studies Torah and performs a Mitzvah.
  1. Standing for one performing a Mitzvah:
  • Based on the above, we can understand why the sages obligated one to stand in the presence of someone performing a Mitzvah, even if that person is an ignoramus. This requirement to stand is due to the Divine presence which resides on the soul of this person throughout the time of the performance of the Mitzvah.
  1. Why during a Mitzvah we are not conscious of the unity taking place with G-d:
  • The physical body blocks the experience of the Revelation: Despite the above unity which is accomplished through Mitzvah performance, we do not actually consciously experience it, as the soul is not conscious of this unity due to the blockage that is caused by the existence of the physical body which is unrefined and darkens and blinds the eyes of the soul from experiencing G-dly revelation. [Hence, not feeling the unity with G-d does not mean that this unity is not taking place, and it is simply that the person is not aware of it.]
  • The forefathers experienced the unity: In this respect, we are unlike our forefathers who were refined and actually experienced and felt the unity, and thereby experienced the world already in their lifetime.

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