From the Rav’s Desk: Traveling on clouds on Rosh Chodesh in the future era

  1. Question: [Monday, 1st Shevat, 5783]

I have heard that in the future era in the times of Moshiach that we will travel to Jerusalem every Shabbos and Rosh Chodesh. Is this true and how will the traveling take place?



The prophet states that on every Shabbos and every Rosh Chodesh the nation will come to bow before Hashem. The Midrash states that the Jewish people beseeched Hashem during exile as to when they will once again merit visiting Him during the Shalosh Regalim. Hashem replied: My child, in this world [before the final redemption] you would only visit Me three times a year, however when your redemption will come, you will merit visiting me every month. Rebbe Levi stated: Yerushalayim will spread out to the entire Eretz Yisrael. On Shabbos and Rosh Chodesh the clouds will come and carry all the people to Yerushalayim and they will Daven there in the morning. The clouds will then return them home after Davening. Alternatively, the clouds will carry them to Yerushalayim on Erev Shabbos.

Sources: See Yeshaya end; Yechezkal 46:3; Yalkut Shimoni Yeshaya 503; Tehillim 741; Rokeiach 229; Pesikta Raba; Mamar “Vehaya Midei Chodesh” 1977  

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