From the Rav’s Desk: Is an Avel during Shiva to recite the half Kaddish after the Torah reading?

  1. Question: [Monday, 23rd eves, 5783]

I know an Avel cannot get an Aliyah or read from the Torah during Shiva. May he then say the half Kaddish after Kerias Hatorah, or is he not to do so?



This matter is disputed amongst Poskim, and the Chabad custom is for the Avel to recite the half Kaddish even during Shiva. However, other communities are accustomed to not say it.

Explanation: Some Poskim rule an Avel during Shiva is not to recite the Half Kaddish that follows Kerias Hatorah, even if he is generally accustomed to do so during the mourning period, being that he cannot get an Aliyah or read from the Torah. Others rule the Avel may recite it as in truth he is obligated to hear Kerias Hatorah and is prohibited from getting an Aliyah simply due to his state of mourning. The Chabad custom is like this latter opinion. 

Sources: See Nitei Gavriel 98:1; Poskim who permit saying the half Kaddish: Meishiv Halacha 2:220; Poskim who forbid saying the half Kaddish: Mili Deavos 1:2; Agudos Eizov 7

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