Daily Tanya Sunday, 27th Kisleiv: Chapter 3-The Intellect & Emotions of the G-dly soul


Chapter 3: The Intellect & Emotions of the G-dly soul

(LY) 27th Kisleiv

1.       The ten aspects included in each soul:

  • Each one of the three soul levels of the Nefesh, Ruach and Neshama, is made up of 10 aspects or traits.
  • The reason each soul contains ten aspects-Hishtalshelus from the ten Sefiros: These 10 traits correspond to the 10 Sefiros from which the soul descended and derived.

2.       The Divisions of Mochin and Middos found in the 10 Sefiros:

  • Split into two groups: The 10 Sefiros are split into two groups, with the first known as “mothers” and the second known as Kefulos [doubles or pairs].
  • The first group-Mochin: The first group of mothers includes within it the intellectual traits of Chochmah, Bina, and Daas.
  • The second group-Middos: The second group incorporates the emotional traits which consists of the seven attributes of kindness, severity, etc.

3.       The Divisions of intellect and emotion found in the soul:

  • Just as we find two divisions within the Sefiros, so too, there are two divisions found within the soul: the intellect and the emotions.
  • The intellect-Mochin: The intellect consists of the traits of Chochmah, Bina, and Daas.
  • The emotionsMiddos: The emotions consist of the feelings of love of G-d, trepidation and fear of Him, etc.
  • The term Mothers/Imahos: The reason that the intellect is called by the term “mothers” is because the intellect is the source for the emotions, as emotions come as a result of one’s intellect and understanding.
  • The explanation behind both the intellectual and emotional traits and how the latter is a result of the former will be brought below.

4.       The intellectual powers of the soul known as Chabad:

  • The level of Chochmah-Discovery: The attribute of Chochmah corresponds to the level of intellect that is found in the intellectual soul, known as the Nefesh Hamaskeles. It is this level of intellect that discovers all new intellectual matters and ideas.
  • Koch Mah: This level is also known as Koch Mah.
  • The level of Bina-Comprehension of discovery: The attribute of Binah corresponds to the contemplation of a certain intellectual idea to the point that it is fully broken down and understood in all its depth. Thus, while it is the attribute of Chochmah which discovers the intellectual concept and idea it is the attribute of Binah which breaks it down and fully understands it.
  • The father and mother: These two intellectual attributes of Chochmah and Binah are the father and mother which birth the emotions of love and fear of G-d. [The Alter Rebbe will now explain the exact relationship between the intellect/Chabad and the emotions/Middos, and how the former gives birth to the latter.]

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