Daily Tanya 7th Adar 2: Start of Chapter 36-Dira Betachtonim-The purpose of the world’s creation

Chapter 36: Dira Betachtonim-The purpose of the world’s creation

(LY) 7th Adar 2

  1. The purpose of the world’s creation:
  • There is a well-known statement of the sages that the purpose of the world’s creation is due to the fact that G-d desired to have a dwelling place below in this lower world.

  1. The concept of higher and lower in relation to G-d is in terms of concealment of His Divine light:
  • Before G-d, the entire concept of higher and lower is not applicable as He fills the entire world equally. Thus, the true meaning of this “lower world” in which G-d desires a dwelling place is not geographical, but rather from the perspective of concealment of G-dliness versus revelation.
  • G-d fills all the world’s even now, although this is concealed from creations: Before the world was created, G-d was the only existence which filled all space in which the world was created. Furthermore, even now this holds true from the perspective of G-d. The only difference is from the perspective of the creations who are the recipients of G-d’s light through many garments and forms of concealment which hide G-d’s entity and existence. Even the higher Angels which are referred to as “Chayos” are not able to see G-d, as no creation can see G-d and live.
  • The chain descent of the world’s known as Hishtalshelus: The above mentioned garments and concealments which shield G-d’s light from the creations is the entire foundation of Seder Hishtalshelus, which is the gradational descent of the revelation of G-d’s light to the creations, and its increased concealment and darkness. The lower the level the more concealing garments it contains, which affects a greater concealment of G-d’s light.
  • Our world is the lowest level of concealment: This chain descent of concealment continued until its lowest level was created, which is this physical and gross world, of which there is no lower level of concealment of G-d’s light with a doubled and redoubled darkness. This is also why our world is filled with evil and impure forces which actually oppose G-d and deny His existence, stating and acting as if that they are the only true existence.

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