Daily Tanya 7th Adar 1: End of Chapter 27-Iskafya sends one a jolt of Elokus to assist him in his service of G-d

(LY) 7th Adar 1

3.      Iskafya sends one a jolt of Elokus to assist him in his service of G-d:

  • The above holiness of G-d which expands and shines throughout the upper worlds as a result of one’s service of Iskafya, also reaches the person below. A supernal holiness resides upon this person below to greatly and immensely assist him in his Divine service.
  • On this the sages state that a person who sanctifies himself a little bit below, is sanctified a lot from above.

4.      Iskafya fulfills a positive command to sanctify oneself:

  • All the above is aside for the fact that one who withholds himself from even permitted lusts and pleasures fulfills a positive command of the Torah “and you shall be holy.” The meaning of these words “that you shall be holy” is that one should do actions which sanctify and refine him.
  • Not fully sanctified, as one retains the natural evil of the heart: Now, the above does not mean that as a result of one’s service of Iskafya one ends up becoming permanently sanctified from evil. In truth, the person is not sanctified and separated from the side of evil as a result of the Iskafya which he performs against his evil inclination, as he still retains his naturally born evil lusts within the left ventricle of his heart in their full strength and power. Nonetheless, for that moment, he is considered to have sanctified himself.
  • Reaching eventual sanctification from evil: Now, the above verse concludes with the words “and you will be holy.” This is because when a person does Iskafya, Hashem helps him to eventually banish the evil, a little at a time, to the point that he is fully cleansed and separated from the side of evil. This is achieved through G-d sanctifying the person here below, and granting him a great assistance from above, to help banish the evil from his heart one step at a time.

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